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Let’s solve your Workers Compensation issues, at no cost.

Interested in reducing your Workers Compensation premiums or dealing with a complex claim? 

We offer free consultations for companies who need help with WorkCover and workplace rehabilitation.

Let’s solve your Workers Compensation issues, at no cost

Interested in reducing your Workers Compensation premiums or dealing with a complex claim? 

We offer free consultations for companies who need help with WorkCover and workplace rehabilitation.

Why work with AusRehab?

The longer your worker is unfit for work, the more your premiums increase.

We reduce lost time in claims.

Our services don’t impact premiums.*

2000+ workers and companies helped.

  Industry Expertise

  • 90% return-to-work rate.
  • Thousands of companies helped every year. 
  • Assist with all the necessary and legal paperwork.

  Quality Communication

  • We keep in touch with constant updates.

  • We manage each unique circumstance with employer and doctor.

  • We achieve positive outcomes for employees and employers.

  Certified Health Professionals

  • Wide network of doctors in NSW
  • Experts in WorkCover assessments and treatments. 
  • Our team has Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and more.

Frequently asked questions

Workplace rehabilitation is covered under medical costs and does not impact premiums, except under the loss prevention and recovery (LPR) model. LPR uses an alternative method of calculating premiums.

Other costs that don’t impact premiums include travel claims, health provider costs, legal and interpreter costs, and estimates of future costs.

  • You must provide first aid immediately and ensure the worker gets the right care. 
  • You must tell your insurer within 48 hours of being made aware of the injury and start the claims process.
  • You must also record it in your register of injuries.
  • If the injury is considered ‘serious’ or has resulted in a death you must report the incident to Safework NSW at 13 10 50.

As of last year according to icare, 83% of injured workers returned to work within 26 weeks.

The longer a worker is away from work, the less likely they are to ever return. Workplace rehab services help workers stay active and recover in a timely manner. 

Approved insurers determine the rates and premiums charged to the employer. This is based on the industry type, claims history, payroll and number of employees.

Your claims performance rate (CPR) is calculated at the renewal date of your policy and includes your claims costs for the past three years. A favorable CPR, indicating effective worker safety management and recovery practices, is rewarded with a lower premium. Your CPR is calculated by comparing your claims performance with other NSW businesses. If your CPR is better than the Scheme average, then your premiums will be lower.

As an employer, you must take reasonable steps to provide the injured worker with suitable employment in accordance with the worker’s capacity.

Some ways to identify suitable work include: 

  • Changing hours
  • Modifying duties
  • Assigning a different job
  • Providing training opportunities

Failing to provide suitable work to a worker may have an impact on the cost of your workers compensation premium and be a breach of your legal obligations.

There are a couple ways:

  • You are entitled to a discount on your premium if you pay your annual premium in full.
  • You can avoid paying a claims excess by notifying your insurance within five calendar days of you becoming aware of the injury.
  • AusRehab can help you address factors that impact your claims performance, so that you may be eligible to receive a performance discount.

Any business that employs or hires workers on a full-time, part-time or casual basis, under contract of service or apprenticeship, must have workers’ compensation insurance that covers all workers.

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Rebekah Bennett
Rebekah Bennett
I submitted an online enquiry then received a phone call not even 2 minutes later. They put me on hold for a short time after discussing my issue, next minute I was speaking with the Receptionist of my new Workcover Dr, booking an appointment! I was so impressed by the efficiency and professionalism, thank you so much!!
Myo Thway96
Myo Thway96
Very helpful and great service Thank you very much
Milly Killy
Milly Killy
Always responds kindly and helps in many ways. thank you for your help I feel like I'm being cared about I appreciate your willingness to help.
Hyejung Yun
Hyejung Yun
Nikita is so kind and helpful. Thanks
Kylie Moore
Kylie Moore
Excellent rehab provider highly recommended great to deal with and they give a damn about the patient Nikita is my sons consultant and is amazing and very professional
Blake Mrvica
Blake Mrvica
Amazing staff
Touraj wafahi
Touraj wafahi
Very helpful and kind quick action best service
Sally Sun
Sally Sun
My consultant Roy is very helpful in helping with my claim. I appreciate all his help and am grateful for his work. Thank you as well to Christie for your assistance!
Annie T
Annie T
My consultant was very helpful, communicative and professional. He listens and cares and can be trusted. I feel I am in good hands.

Terms and conditions

*Our services only impacts premiums under the loss prevention and recovery model (LPR). LPR is available to large employers and uses an alternate method of calculating premiums.

All employees, as defined by NSW’s policies and the state’s regulations, are covered by workers’ compensation insurance.