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A little bit about us

AusRehab was founded in 2019. Our mission is simple: to help individuals recover and return to their jobs after an injury or illness, offering personalised support that covers physical, psychological, and vocational aspects for a holistic approach to rehabilitation.

Our core values

Commit Fully

See every project through with integrity and accountability.

Streamline Processes

Continuously seek out and implement improvements.

Innovate Solutions

Tackle challenges head-on and transform obstacles into opportunities.

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Validate Actions

Demonstrate the impact of your work with measurable outcomes.

Speak openly icon

Speak Openly

Respectfully express your views and encourage diverse perspectives.

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Empathise Deeply

Lead with compassion and empathy in every interaction.

Behind the scene with the AusRehab team

Our crew thrives on more than just professional success.

We find joy in the simplicity of home cooking, the thrill of game nights, and the satisfaction of catching a stripe Marlin.

At AusRehab, family comes first—our hybrid work model supports this, ensuring you’re there for the moments that matter.

Join AusRehab, where your well-being is our priority, and help us transform lives every day.

The team getting together.

Hi-jinx Hotel Escape Room
February 2023
Our team meeting at Hijinx Hotel featured exhilarating games across 10 rooms, followed by a celebratory pizza and drinks.
Trampoline Workout Bounce
August 2023
Team activity at Bounce was a fun, sweaty break from routine, and we’re excited for more activities at our next meeting.
Archery Session Team Bonding
February 2023
Our team bonding at the Archery Centre was filled with excitement, skill-building, and unforgettable experiences.

Join us

At AusRehab, our doors are always open for exceptional talent. Below are some of the roles we are currently seeking to fill.

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Not finding the right fit?

We’re eager to meet great talent. Send your resume, and we’ll reach out when there’s a match!