Need hearing tests for your employees?

AusRehab offers audiometry tests at $55 per person if you order 20 or more tests, or $65 for a single test. 

NSW is mandating hearing tests for all workers who frequently use  hearing protection to control noise that exceeds the exposure standard.

AusRehab has multiple clinics across NSW with qualified professionals to perform hearing tests. We can also travel on-site within the Sydney metro area.

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How do our workplace hearing test work?

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2. Schedule Screening

We will schedule the screening within 3 business days at one of our clinics. 

3. Receive Report

We send reports within 24-48 hours of obtaining results, provided payment has been received. 

Benefits of a hearing test:

Who needs a hearing test?

AusRehab provides quality and affordable pre-employment screening services such as medical examinations, audiometry tests, drug & alcohol screenings, and more.

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