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How do we set you up with WorkCover Doctor?

Why choose our Workers’ Comp Doctors?

Why choose our Workers’ Comp Doctors?


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Latest reviews from our customers5.0 rating reviews
Touraj wafahi
Touraj wafahi
Very helpful and kind quick action best service
Sally Sun
Sally Sun
My consultant Roy is very helpful in helping with my claim. I appreciate all his help and am grateful for his work. Thank you as well to Christie for your assistance!
Annie T
Annie T
My consultant was very helpful, communicative and professional. He listens and cares and can be trusted. I feel I am in good hands.
Niroj Sapkota
Niroj Sapkota
Aus rehab has been working better than expected. My case manager is very helpful and is constantly checking on me either via text or phone calls and emails on most of the times.
Greg Rogers
Greg Rogers
As a Return to Work Coordinator, AusRehab is the best option to assist with developing and assisting with RTW Plans. Pre-employment Medicals are easily organised. Always a pleasure to work with.
Wanda Pedrajas
Wanda Pedrajas
Doing a great job assisting their clients Understand the needs of individual Excellent customer service
My experience has been good , very helpful and understanding
Tiffany Murray
Tiffany Murray
Dominic is great at his job the follow up and communication through the whole thing was a 10/10. Karen is lovely and understanding highly recommend these guys

Frequently asked questions

Australia’s system for compensation operates on a “no-fault” basis.

Meaning, employees don’t need to prove their employer was at fault for their injury.

To qualify for compensation, three things need to happen:

  • The individual must legally be considered an employee.
  • Doctor confirms work-related injuries during employment.
  • Financial loss due to income drops or medical bills.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to make a workers’ comp claim:

1. Seek medical aid

  • In the case of a work-related injury or illness, employers are required to administer first aid if necessary.
  • Employees should promptly seek medical attention if required.
  • Employers are legally required to maintain a record of all workplace injuries and illnesses.

2. Return to work coordinator

  • A return-to-work coordinator, appointed by the employer, manages early intervention, supports a positive return-to-work approach, and monitors rehabilitation programs to ensure duty suitability.
  • They also assist in finding an appropriate rehab provider.

3. Telehealth or face-to-face

  • Our workers’ comp doctors can address issues, conduct investigations, and refer to specialists.
  • We collaborate with your WorkCover doctor and insurance for quick problem resolution.
  • Book our WorkCover Doctor online for assistance.

4. Choose your rehab provider

  • As your rehabilitation provider, we will conduct a thorough evaluation to assess a worker’s capacity to perform job-related tasks after a workplace injury or illness.
  • You can refer to us as your preferred provider, ensuring that the rehabilitation aligns with the best interests of your employees.

5. Participate in an injury management plan

  • An injury management plan includes three key factors: treatment, rehabilitation, and return to work.
  • This plan outlines the coordinated efforts of all parties, including doctors, insurers, and the employer, to aid the worker’s recovery and facilitate their return to work.

Timing matters when it comes to claiming workers’ comp.

Making your claim sooner rather than later means getting the right support for your recovery.

You have six months from an injury or accident to file a claim.

If you missed the initial deadline due to unawareness, mistake, or absence, it’s possible to make a claim up to three years from the date of injury.

To switch your rehab provider, your insurer needs documentation explaining the reasons and the new choice.

After sending this to the insurer, share a copy with your employer and AusRehab, which will then contact the insurer.

If the insurer doesn’t approve the change, you can discuss it with SafeWork NSW at 13 10 50.

Obtain a claim number from your employer if your insurer hasn’t provided one yet.

Express your preference for AusRehab as your rehab provider to your employer and union.

Fill out the Referral Form and send it to AusRehab, providing a copy to your employer.

AusRehab will then reach out to you, your employer, insurer, and unions.

Rehabilitation services require approval from the insurer or employer.

If they don’t approve and your employer insists on their preferred provider, contact SafeWork NSW (13 10 50) for guidance.

SafeWork will review the situation and reach out to the relevant parties on your behalf.

A Return to Work (RTW) plan is an official policy that guides how workplaces deal with injuries or illnesses.

It shows the employer’s dedication to the health, safety, and recovery of workers after an incident.

It’s a legal requirement for all employers in NSW.

An employer cannot ask about past workers’ comp claims, but they can inquire if you have an injury or medical condition affecting your ability to work.

Don’t hesitate to connect with AusRehab!

We’re here to support you on your recovery journey and help you return to work smoothly.

Reach out to our team at or give us a call at 1300 391 947.

Terms and conditions

*All employees, as defined by NSW’s policies and the state’s regulations, are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Failure to report injuries within a reasonable timeframe may result in delays or denial of benefits.

Providing false or misleading information related to a workers’ compensation claim is illegal.

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